EZ Fuel is a team which delivers diesel to your doorstep for your generators and vehicles etc. you can call the customer service number to place order or place the request online. There are no restrictions on the quantity of diesel you can order and it will be delivered through scheduled delivery or ondemand (express) delivery. So you don’t need to look for “Petrol Pump Stations near me” to refuel your cars and DG sets. We are making refuelling smarter!
Scheduled delivery of diesel happens when you place the order for a particular date, time and location. This will help you save money and avoid a scenario of not filling the diesel ontime to your generator/vehicles. Express delivery is simply an ondemand for us to deliver the diesel anywhere and anytime in PCMC area
Fuel will be delivered to you with the same day retail rate with minimal delivery charges. ( delivery charges are applicable depending on the location, time and quantity.)
Yes. Please contact us on +91 8600003900, +91 8600568600 and we will gladly help on-board you as one of our Scheduled Delivery customers.
Diesel is used in various occasions. With a sealed can and quick service, we tend to be present in every sector that requires Diesel.
1. Diesel Back-Up Generators · Banks · Party plots and Major Events · Malls · Apartment complexes with Back Up DGs · Educational institutes · Cold Storages · And many more
2. Farmer
3. Travels and Transport
4. Private Car owners
5. Telecommunication Towers
6. Industries
7. Infrastructure Contractors
We certainly believe in providing the best services to our clients. In the case of any complaints, please feel free to contact us and we shall certainly take good care of it.
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