EZ Fuel is a full service Diesel Delivery Service at your door steps. With uncontaminated fuel and fast delivery. EZ Fuel offers both job-site refueling and yard refueling.
We are committed to providing your company with the best service that fits YOUR needs. If you need job-site fueling we will send a truck to your site at a time of your choosing and fill each piece of equipment in need of fuel. If you have tanks in your yard we can also refill them as necessary.
Our job-site refueling is a turn-key operation. You tell us where and when to fill up your equipment, and we guarantee that your equipment will be filled up and ready to go.
Many Industries and commercial business rely on generators to power their operations. It can be difficult refueling your own generators on time, keeping them running without interruption, and having to refuel them in poor weather. Trust EZ Fuel to deliver diesel and handle the refueling for power generators on your sites. We’ll keep you fuelled and running when a power source is not available.

We can fulfill your diesel delivery needs on a regular schedule or on-call basis, it is totally up to you.

who are we

EZ Fuel is the legal private company in India to have permissions in place to deliver fuel at your doorstep. We serve corporates, manufacturing, construction, mining among other industries which require fuel to run their operations

Easy Fuel Private Ltd. began with a sole aim: ‘To provide Diesel Delivery at Doorstep’.
The Company was Founded by 3 Directors:
• Mr Sagar Goel
• Mr Parash Sancheti
• Ms Preeti Singla
Within a short span since inception, we have achieved a significant base of satisfied customers, and our family of clients is growing with time.
Our Dedicated Board of Directors are constantly striving, to keep the customers satisfied with our service. Quality of Service is the highest priority to the Company.


  • Quality and Quantity Assurance – EZ Fuel is determined to give clean quality diesel. We make sure that you receive drop accurate quantity of fuel and your every penny is worth.
  • Supply in Pilferage Proof Container – Our containers are spill proof and no compromise will be done while delivering fuel.
  • Door Step Delivery – Easy fuel is keen to help you at the times of emergencies and quick deliveries.
  • Saves Time – We are just a call away.
  • Reduces overhead costs.
  • Flexible payment methods.


Same Price as the Pump

Ez Fuel offers fuel at the same price as your Regular Petrol Pump.

Safe and Secure

Ez Fuel adheres to all required
government rules & regulations.
Our drivers are trained and have commercial licenses


We also empty our tanks regularly, so you know you will get the cleanest and best possible fuel.

Save Fuel

No spillage – No wastage!

Save Money

Eliminate overbilling , reduces diesel storage & inventory cost.


Order  From 8 am to 8 pm , anywhere in PCMC area and get fuel at desired time!

Legalised Service

Authorised by govt Of india and petroleum and explosive safety organisation.

Save Manpower

Doorstep delivery means no extra effort & no manpower required!






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